Spanish speaking Christians with a heart for Discipleship are needed

I am looking for men and women who can translate the materials on this website from English to Spanish.

You must have a computer, a word processor (preferably Microsoft Word), a willingness to spend time translating English to Spanish, and a heart to see discipleship materials made available in Spanish.

I have labored long and hard to create materials that are original and therefore free of copyright restrictions. Those with whom I co-labor can obtain copyright protection for the documents they create so long as the materials translated can be provided free of charge on the next version of this website.

I have no money to compensation you for your effort. I will share freely all of the materials contained in this site.

If you are interested in co-laboring in this endeavor please contact me at

Doug Smith
Escondido, California
May, 2015

El intento del Centro Virtual de Recursos para el Discipulado es de hacer un deposito de Recursos para el Discipulado Cristiano por vistos gratuitamente. Estos materiales no pueden ser reproducidos en total, ni en parte para ser vendidos. Sin embargo, una persona puede copiar, traducir o distribuir cualquier porción de estos materiales siempre y cuando no sea para venderse.

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